Main Dish

Grill plateDKK 199,-

Grill plate – served with *ajvar, *urnebes, onion and potatoes

Grill plate consist: Small Hercegovina hamburger, 1 pcs “cevapcic”, 1 pcs lam chops, grilled chicken, homemade sausage and lightly salted and smoked pork fillet.

Stuffed chicken breastDKK 169,-

Chicken breast stuffed with cheese, ham and bell pepper – serv. with potatoes

ČevapčićiDKK 119,-

Čevapčići – served with *ajvar, *urnebes, onion and potatoes

Meat rolles made of minced beef

*ajvar – red bell pepper puré
*urnebes – cheese salad made of cheese, sour cream, chili and garlic

Pljeskavica (Hercegovina hamburger steak)DKK 139,-

Pljeskavica (Hercegovina hamburger steak) served with *ajvar, *urnebes, onion and potatoes

Hercegovina style hamburger made of minced beef meat, onion and cheese. If You like it spicy we can add some fresh chili.

Tenderloin steakDKK 229,-

Tenderloin steak with “Vinjak” (Croatian brandy) sauce, oven-baked potato and salad

Steamed filet of salmonDKK 139,-

Steamed filet of salmon with boiled potatoes, vegetables, asparagus and Hollandaise sauce